Signs you should replace your roof

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Signs you should replace your roof

We ignore some things in life until they go south, and as you have judged from the title, house roofing is one of them. It is only when a random water drop falls on your head or you see mosses and algae taking over the roof that you realize something is wrong.

But are these the only signs you should look for? Well, there are more than 8 and we’ll brief you about all of them. We’ll also discuss ways you can preserve your new roofs. So without any further ado, let’s get started!

01. Light in your attic

Your roof may be suffering from cracks or missing some shingles. Strong winds or hailstorms are generally responsible for such mishaps. Whatever be the case, your priority should be getting the roof checked by experts. There are high chances no replacement would be required and simple repairing would do the job. So you better take some action before the water gets filled in your attic or the holes get big enough to invite birds in your attic.

02. Growth of unwanted elements on the roof

4 kinds of elements can grow on or around your roof. These are algae, mold, moss, and mildew. Before calling roofing experts, we suggest checking whether issues such as faulty plumbing lines, inadequate ventilation are accentuating the growth of these elements or something else. This would avoid wasteful expenditure on replacing the roof and cure the issue as well.

So, what is the difference between these 4 elements?

  • Well, algae are commonly found in wet areas, such as gutters, or lakes with stagnant water. So if your roof accumulates water during rain, it might lead to the growth of algae. A damp and humid environment is another reason for algae growth.
  • While algae are considered harmless for health, mold isn’t. In fact, it exudes a repugnant smell, looks ugly, and damages the aesthetics of walls and roofs.
  • Moss is considered to be attractive, still, it’s advisable to remove it from the roof. Overtimes these could be detrimental for wood shingles.
  • Mildew is the worst among the four and we suggest getting rid of it ASAP. This not only bequeaths an ugly look on the roof but also poses risk to the health of residents.

We suggest consulting roofing experts for dealing with these elements. An expert would tell whether these have cast their shadow only externally or penetrated deep inside the roofs. In the former case, there wouldn’t be any need for replacing or repairing and a deep cleaning would do the job.

03. Water stains

Water stains are a sign of leaky roofs and need to be dealt with urgently. Over time these stains would turn into mold and fungi and damage the ceiling altogether. Along with these stains, another red-flag is the peeling of wall or ceiling paint. This generally takes place on cement walls rather than walls with dry lining. So overall, if you see either of the above-mentioned two things happening, don’t shy away from contacting roofing experts.

04. Roof is leaking

We believe this point doesn’t require any elaboration. Our house shelters us from rain, snow, and other natural elements. Such leaks make us uncomfortable and take away the charm of our divine abode. A leaking roof is generally a bad sign and proper diagnosis is required to assess whether the whole roof needs to be replaced or simple repairing would do the job.

05. Aging roof

Everything in this world comes with an expiry date. The material your roof is made up of isn’t an exception either. The picture below gives a good idea about the normal life of several materials. All you need to do is remember when the last time your roof was replaced or better, how old your house is. So even if the roof doesn’t show any sign of mortality, we suggest replacing it if it has reached its peak life expectancy.

06. Sagging areas

You might have seen how cardboard or paper sags after interacting with water. The same is the case with ceiling or roofing. Sagging is a sign of water retention and if the spot feels soft and bends, you may need to replace the roof or at least get it repaired.

07. Decaying shingles

A single bout of a hailstorm or thundering rainstorm could wreck the already decaying shingles. Before you get to the point of no return, you should consult the experts and replace the shingles. Non-replacement could damage the outer roof and possibly the inner ceiling too.

Apart from replacing shingles, you could also put re-arrange shingles if they have come out of their actual place.

05. Granules in the gutters

It is a thing of concern if your roof shingles are shedding their particles every day. The shingles and in turn roof could be susceptible to greater water damage and decay if immediate actions aren’t taken. However, if the shedding is only occasional, then it’s probably not a big deal. Still, it doesn’t hurt calling a roofing expert and getting their opinion, considering the consultation charges of several professional roofing companies are very affordable and reasonable.

How to preserve the new roof

Now if you have just installed a new roof or constructed a new house, follow these three tips. 1) Check for cracks regularly, 2) check for proper drainage (to avoid moss, algae buildup), and 3) ventilate the house properly.

Implementing these tips would keep your roof in a pristine condition for years to come

Where to find the best roofing professionals

We hope the above listed 8 aspects were helpful. Now if you wish to avail a wide range of maintenance services for your house, replace the existing roof or check the price of metal roofing, do contact us at Crystal Roofing. Check out our testimonials.

We possess extensive experience in this industry, and needless to say, our service charges are reasonable too. Still in doubt? Why don’t you read the testimonials on our website!

We look forward to associating with you!

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