Replacing Your Roof with Solar Panels

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Replacing Your Roof with Solar Panels

Thinking of roof replacement of your Arizona home? The roof is one of the most essential albeit overlooked parts of a home. A functional roof withstands the elements to protect your home while also influencing the overall aesthetics. The right choice of roofing materials is critical to ensure energy efficiency in the hot Arizona weather. When planning for a roof replacement, one option available is installation of solar panels.

Solar roofs are now a popular option in the Grand Canyon State for a good reason. This is the sunniest state with a huge potential for solar energy exploitation. As a homeowner, there are huge potentials for cost savings on your energy bill. In addition, replacing your traditional roof with solar panels offers more benefits such as:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Reducing your home’s carbon footprint
  • Increasing your home’s market value
  • Enjoying tax incentives and credits
  • Energy independence from the grid
Leveraging Professional Solar Roofing in Arizona

Crystal Roofing is Arizona’s premier solar roofing service providing a wide range of solar solutions for clients in the region. If you’re looking for a solar roof in Arizona, we are your first choice solar professionals. We have invested in a team of highly trained and certified solar contractors ready to handle any project size.

Our mission is to help Arizona residents leverage the immense benefits of solar energy at the most affordable prices. We are a one-stop-shop for all your solar energy solutions, and our commitment to excellence has helped us build a solid reputation in the industry.

What to Consider for Solar Roof Installation

At Crystal Roofing, we have no one-fits-all solar roofing services and our team works closely to deliver a custom project. Before commencing the roof replacement, we consider various factors including:

  • Energy Needs Assessment

We carry out an audit to determine your home’s energy needs. Our team also considers the direction of your roof, surface area available, geographical location, available sunlight and other factors to determine the viability of a solar roof. Our aim is to install a solar roof that meets your home’s energy needs and guarantee energy independence.

  • Condition of the Roof

Roof assessment is a critical step before any roof replacement process. We carry out an assessment of the old roof, including the underlying parts, and condition of the roof decking. Any water damage requires extensive repairs, and this affects the magnitude of the project.

We also assess other roof parts such as the flashing, drip edge, roof ventilation, roof valleys, and roof vents to ensure they’re in tiptop shape. The team seals any cracks and gaps to improve insulation. The ultimate goal is to ensure the roofing system can support the solar panels with no damage.

  • Roof Repairs/Replacement

The common roof damage to look out for includes worn out materials, water damage, broken or loose tiles/shingles, punctures and cracks. We have highly trained roofers in all roofing systems who can handle such repair issues competently.

In some cases, the roof damage might be too extensive and this poses a risk to the solar panels. We recommend a new roof system before installing the solar panels. The best thing with Crystal Roofing is that we have qualified roofers who also have solar panel installation expertise.

  • Solar Panel Installation

Once we confirm the health of the existing roof, our team designs the solar panel system, gives an estimate and procures high quality solar panels from premium brands. To do this, we follow the energy audit report to determine the number of solar panels you require. We also consider the direction/location of your home, shade and other factors that might affect the solar array’s efficiency levels.

Our solar technicians install the mounting and the solar panels before wiring the system. For all our clients, we offer tailored solutions to meet your needs. Whether you need to go off-grid or you want a hybrid solar system, we have the expertise to install solar panels to do the job.

Looking to upgrade your roof with solar panels? Call us today on (888)973-4754 for a free quote. We guarantee to exceed your expectations.

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