Benefits of Installing Solar Rooftops in Arizona

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Benefits of Installing Solar Rooftops in Arizona

If you’re a homeowner in Arizona, one of the smartest home improvement ideas you can make is to install a solar rooftop. Arizona is a leader in solar generation because of the availability of sunshine for most of the year. The state boasts more sunny days than any other state. This makes solar energy investment a wise decision for a homeowner.

A solar rooftop is the most efficient system to harness the immense potential for solar energy. Your solar energy contractor in Arizona helps you design the most energy-efficient solar array to fit your roof to maximize peak sunlight hours.

The cells on the solar panel covert sun particles into DC electricity. The system has other components such as an inverter to convert DC into AC electricity for use by appliances in your home. The most effective solar rooftop systems also come with energy storage which can take you entirely off-grid.

But why should you install a solar rooftop for your home or business in Arizona?


Electricity is one of the major costs of home maintenance. For your home, you need to power multiple appliances, lighting systems, heating, and cooling systems. If you rely on the grid for all your energy needs, you have to contend with a huge bill every month.

In 2018, Arizona and Mexico had the second-highest average electricity price among western states (12.8 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh)). According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), Arizona has an average monthly electricity bill of $128.40which is 6th in the country.

With a solar rooftop for your home, you can make incredible savings on your electricity bill. While the initial cost of your solar rooftop might be high, this system saves you money throughout its life.

With ample sunshine throughout the year, you can save up to 100% on electricity. During the colder months, you still generate more electricity than you consume, and with advances in solar storage systems, you continue saving throughout the year.

Enjoy Solar Energy Incentives

If you’re worried about the high cost of solar rooftop installation, there’s a way out. With the government policy to support renewable energy, solar systems continue to fall in prices. The tax credits and other incentives also lower the price further for homeowners who wish to leverage the benefits of clean energy.

The Federal Solar Tax Credit is the major incentive which was initially 26% but has fallen to 22% of the cost of the solar installation in 2020. The solar energy credit is equal to 25% of the costs of a solar system, up to $1,000 which saves you a lot of money.

Other programs that make a solar rooftop a great idea include Arizona’s net billing, sales tax exemption, and Property tax exemption.

Increase in Home Value

A solar energy system is a huge investment and homebuyers look for such additions when looking for properties to buy. Solar panels can increase the resale value of your home. As the more conscious buyers now look for new features that save them money. Buyers consider the savings they shall make in electricity consumption and the fact that they don’t need to set aside funds for solar rooftop installation.

Green/Sustainable Living

If you want to embrace green living, a solar rooftop is a perfect idea. One of the major benefits of installing solar rooftops in Arizona is the fact that you cut emissions from your home by cutting reliance on fossil fuels.  You cut your carbon footprint and make a big contribution to saving planet earth.

More Reliable Electricity Supply

When you generate your own electricity from solar rooftops, you gain independence from the grid and avoid any disruptions. If you invest in good energy storage. You always have enough power for your home even in freak weather when there are power outages.

Thinking of a home improvement project for your Arizona home? These benefits of installing solar rooftops in Arizona should shape your decision. A solar rooftop is the best decision you can make for your home.

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